antinomy n. (pl -ies) 1 a contradiction between two beliefs that are in themselves reasonable; a paradox. 2 a conflict between two laws or authorities. [L antinomia f. Gk (as ANTI-, nomos law)]

I am a scribler, dabbler, a dreamer of dreams.
a liver in hope, a crier of streams.
a lover of all, beloved of none.
a maker, creator, of all that’s undone.

I live for the day, and cherish the night.
And dream of for the day when all will be right.
Strong in the nights, by day I am weak.
I see in the darkness, all that I seek.

I am the seer of all, the hearer of none.
And yearn for the day that brings all things undone.
I dream of the lion and see of the man.
I give up my life and all that I can.

I am a renegade, a lover, a mother, a child.
I am all, I am none, I am something that’s wild.
The sleeper of days, the lover of nights.
I know one thing for true, Things will come out right.